• Mrežica za lase (100pcs)

Mrežica za lase (100pcs)

  • Proizvajalec: Nouveau Lashes
  • Oznaka izdelka: NL2HB100
  • Dostopnost: Na zalogi
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  • Cena brez DDV: 10,58€

Nouveau Lashes: ExtendExpressLVL Enhance – Hygiene

(Pack of 100) Our Head Bonnets are used to protect the clients hair during lash treatments and protect them from any liquids used. Treatments such as LVL Enhance require constant close contact to the client's head area, requiring removal of all hurdles for precise and safe work.

Single-use only

Simply pull over the client's head from the forehead backwards. Be sure to tuck in any lose hairs and fringes

#protip - Be sure to avoid getting Tint or Adhesive in your client's hair by ensuring all hair is covered in the bonnet and fringes are tucked cleanly away.